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Your Local San Antonio Pediatrician

Welcome to the Dr. Josephine Ruiz Healy website where you find the best San Antonio Pediatrician. Our mission is to give your kids the treatment and healthcare they need as they grow. Our compassion, expertise and experience make our pediatric office the place where kids feel safe, loved and on reliable hands. Whether your kids need vaccinations, pediatric care, ADHD treatment, asthma treatment, or any other kind of healthcare, we’re ready to assist them.

The health of your child is our priority. We offer high quality services in a professional, friendly, and safe environment. Be confident that you will always be served by a smiling staff whenever you visit. Our goal is to work with San Antonio parents to ensure that kids get exceptional healthcare.

When looking for a pediatrician in San Antonio TX that provides compassionate and comprehensive services to kids from birth to adolescence, visit Dr. Josephine Ruiz Healy. We know that life can be hectic for some parents. As such, we make our practice accessible and convenient for all families. In addition to the standard business hours, you can visit us during weekday after-hours and over the weekend for urgent care.

We believe that accessing your kid’s clinic or physician shouldn’t be a challenge. That’s why we focus on providing convenient and quality healthcare for children. Our staff is trained, certified, and experienced. This guarantees you a service that’s most ideal for your kids. With Dr. Healy, your children receive healthcare from the best pediatrician San Antonio has.

Feel confident whenever you choose Dr. Josephine Ruiz Healy as the primary physician for your child. That’s because this choice guarantees you that you will always work with qualified, caring and experienced professionals when it comes to the health of your children. We offer you the resources and support required to make informed decisions about the health of your child.

Call or visit Dr. Josephine Ruiz Healy to have your child treated by the best San Antonio pediatrician today!

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Looking For The Right Care For Your Child?

Bilingual Pediatrician Clinic

A bilingual pediatrician makes communication between children, parents and physicians easy. Communication is very important because it enables the pediatrician to understand the condition of a child better. At Dr. Josephine Ruiz Healy clinic, you find physicians that speak at least two languages. Thus, even if you are not an English speaker, your child will receive quality healthcare.

Dr. Healy works with certified professionals that know the importance of language in providing quality healthcare. We take time to understand the needs or conditions of your child before we provide healthcare. Our consultation sessions entail asking questions that enable us to understand the exact condition of the child. That way, we provide healthcare that caters for the specific needs of your child.

Whether you speak English or Spanish, bring your kid to our clinic for quality healthcare. Dr. Healy is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. She works with experienced and compassionate professionals that know how to take care of children. Being a mother, Dr. Healy knows how to make children feel comfortable and express themselves.

Doctor visits are never scary or awkward with Dr. Healy. That’s because she is a bilingual pediatrician that knows how to offer quality healthcare to young ones with joy and compassion.

CALL US TODAY 210-692-9471
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